Create a Form in Adobe Acrobat Pro V

Acrobat Acrobat makes it easy for you to turn your Word/Excel documents into fillable PDF forms.  This will allow your users to quickly and easily fill in your form by typing their information instead of handwriting it.

Converting your existing document to a PDF form.

Step 1:
  Open your form document into Adobe Acrobat Pro so you can create your form by using the form wizard.



Step 2:  Open the form Wizard

  • Click:  Tools
  • Click:  Forms
  • Click:  Create


Step 3: Create or Edit Form using the form wizard.

  • Select:  Using an existing file
  • Click:  Next

Step 4:
  Select:  Use the current document

  • Click:  Next


Step 5:  Review the newly created fillable form.

(Note:  The wizard may not create all required fields.  You will need to review, edit, and add additional fields as needed.)


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