Dead Girl Blues – Book Review

Dead Girl Blues
(Taxi for the Dead, Book 2)
by Joyce & Jim Lavene


If you are looking for a good book that offers a little bit of action, a dash of magic and a mixing of supernatural beings, this book should be towards the top of your TBR list. The Dead Girl Blues from the Taxi for the Dead series, has several action packed scenes, intriguing characters and personal secrets that are yet to be uncovered.

Skye Mertz is a tough ex-cop who is now chasing down LEPs (Life Extended People or also referred to as Zombies) is still trying to figure out her own life after death.  When Skye and her husband Jacob was met with an untimely demise, Skye made a deal with the Devil Abe (or is he one?).  For exchange of Skye’s services to catch rouge LEPs, she gets to spend twenty more years with her daughter.

While Skye is out chasing zombies, solving the murder on one of Abe’s henchmen, Sky enlists the help of her time traveling wizard and the ghost of her mother-in-law to help at on the home.  As Skye is busy helping Abe and solving mysteries, she yearns for normal life for her young daughter.

This cozy paranormal novel enchanted me from the beginning to end.  I’m looking forward to reading more books from this series.

(Five out of Five Stars!)

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