Edit a Text Field Properties in Adobe Acrobat Pro V

In this exercise, we are going to do a simple edit to our textbox field.  This process will allow us to standardize the look of form so the font size will print as the same size for all textbox fields.


BEFORE: Without editing the textbox field. Text font may print in different font size if the form is not standardized.


AFTER: The textbox fields have been edited. Text font will display and print in the same font size for all textbox fields.


Step 1:  Open the Field Properties box.

  • Right click:  Properties



Step 2:  Edit the General tab options  (Edit the field name)

  • Click within the Name textbox.  Change the field name to:  Name.
  • Leave the tooltip as (Name(Last, first, middle initial)).

edit2Step 3:  Edit the Appearance Tab.  (Edit field font size, change font type, no field borders, no field color.)

  • Click the arrow to activate the dropdown menu for the Font Size.
  • Select Font Size:  12
  • Click the arrow to activate the dropdown menu for the Font.
  • Select Font:  Courier

edit3Step 4:  Click:  Close


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