How to…. Create a PDF Document – Part 2

There are three methods that can be used to create a PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Pro V and MS Word 2013.  Part two of the “Create a PDF Document” article will demonstrate how to create a PDF file using the Export Function in MS Word 2013.


Method #2 – Export file as a PDF document in MS Word 2013

Step 1:  Click:  File tab

Step 2:  Start the process of exporting your document.

  • Click:  Export link.
  • Verify that the “Create PDF/XPS Document is selected and highlighted.
  • Click:  Create PDF/XPS button to begin the export process.



Step 3:  Select the location to save your new pdf document.

  • Select your file location (I.E.: save the document to your desktop).
  • Verify the file name.  You can leave the default name or create a new name for the document.
  • Select the “Save as type” as PDF (*.pdf).  This will save your document and covert it to a pdf file.
  • Click:  Publish



Step 4:  Once the computer has completed the export process, it will open your new pdf document in your default pdf reader.




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