How to…. Create a PDF Document – Part 3

There are three methods that can be used to create a PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Pro V and MS Word 2013.  Part three of the “Create a PDF Document” article will demonstrate how to create a PDF file using the Create Function in Adobe Acrobat Pro.


Method #3 – Create a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro V


Step 1:  There are two ways to start creating your PDF document in the Adobe Acrobat Pro program.

  • Click: Create button – PDF from File or Click: Create PDF link.


Step 2:  When the dialog box opens, you will need to select your document that you want to convert to a PDF.

  • Select file location
  • Click:  file name
  • Verify the document name in the “File name” section
  • Click:  Open



Step 3: As the Adobe Acrobat Pro programs starts to work its magic, you will see a processing bar at the bottom of your screen.


Step 4:  Once the conversion is complete, the document will will open in the Adobe Acrobat Pro program.




Step 5:  The document will need to be saved before the conversion process is complete.  If you do not save your document, you will not be able to access the pdf document at a later date.

  • Click:  File
  • Click:  Save As
  • Click:  PDF


Step 6:  Selection the location to save your document (I.E.:  save the pdf document to your desktop).

  • Select folder to store document
  • Verify the document’s name in the “File name” section.  (Note:  You can change/update the file name, if needed.)
  • Click:  Save.






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