How to… Secure a PDF Document

In this tutorial, we are going to restrict our PDF document so that the user will (1) not be able to print the document (2) all the user to make comments, fill in form fields and sign the document for email submission.


Secure you PDF Document

Step 1:  Access the security properties of the PDF document.

  • Click:  Tools
  • Click:  Protection
  • Click:  More Protection
  • Click:  Security Properties


Step 2:  The Document Properties dialog box will open up to the Security tab.  Change the “Security Method” drop-down box to “Password Security”.


Step 3:  Adjust the document security settings in the Password Security dialog box.

  • Update the document security compatibility to meet your desired needs.
  • Update the document Encryption.
  • Set up a password to open the document.
  • Set up a password to edit or print the document.



Step 4:  Change the “Print Allowed” to none in order to block users from printing the document.

secure4Step 5:  Edit the “Changes Allowed” to Commenting, filling in form fields, and signing existing signature fields.  This will allow user to fill in any forms within document and allow them to email the form back to the document author.



Step 6:  Verify that you wish to install and enforce the new document restrictions.  (Note:  Adobe Acrobat displays a disclaimer that third party products (such as web browsers) may not support the new security settings.  (I.E.:  If you post your PDF document online, the web browser may allow users to print the document.)


Step 7:  Enter the password again to verify the change.


Step 8:  A disclaimer will display letting you know that the changes will not take effect in the document until it is saved.


Step 9:  Once the document has been saved, will see in the program header that the document is now (SECURED) and you will see the new security settings in the Document Properties dialog box.


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